Therefore, replacing a broken or malfunctioning TV screen is not considered a viable option. If the TV is under the manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer may replace the entire unit. The average cost to repair a TV is $207, with most repairs ranging from $60 to $350. Common TV fixes include replacing a motherboard or power supply for $250, bulb replacement for $88, HDMI port for $200, or backlight repair for $111. TV repair shops charge $60 to $125 per hour. Get free estimates from TV repair services near you or view our cost guide below.

  • You cannot predict when these fuses will go bad, but suddenly when you are enjoying your leisure time watching an interesting program, the devices turns black followed by a popping sound.
  • Usually the reasons why Windows Media Player crashes due to the problem of Digital Rights Management.
  • If the TV does not have any cable issues and all components check out to be working, the TV itself may be malfunctioning.

This is a software issue that Microsoft must be aware of. If I could afford it, I’d fly this thing out the window (ironic huh?). We attempted the power drain last night and let it charge today without the keyboard, but still no luck. Isn’t all this stuff the precise reason people buy Apple iPads and android tablets instead. You can also go to the manufacturer’s website to see if it has an updated driver for your particular device’s model. If the problem persists, try updating or reinstalling the drivers. In fact, before doing this, verify that you have all of the latest Windows updates.

Edit Touchgate Value

Most movies and shows are displayed at 24 or 30 frames per second. 24fps is the standard frame rate for film, while 30fps is the standard frame rate for produced television. If you haven’t dived into your TV’s menu system, you might be dealing with annoying quirks you didn’t even know you could fix.

Microsoft refuses to do anything, saying it’s hardware issues. If, after doing all of this troubleshooting, the touch screen is still unresponsive , then sending the remote in for a front cover replacement will usually get you back in operation. You can read the full details regarding this repair by visiting this page. If the LCD turned on during any test, allow it to time-out and turn off again and continue to test various sections of the touch screen.

Method 4: Repair Windows Media Player

Simply dial the codes, to open the device’s diagnostic mode. Once you enter into diagnostic mode, you can test the touchscreen for bugs and dead zones. Now, power ON your device and see if the problem is solved. I even restarted the device but it didn’t fix the issue. Press WIN+X keys together to launch WIN+X menu and select Device Manager option.